Pasadena Substance Abuse Clinic

1645 Pasadena Blvd.

Pasadena, Texas  77502

713-473-1405 (24 hours)


    Do you need help with herion or narcotics addiction? Does someone you know need help whether it be from street drugs or prescription pain medication? Please contact us so that we can get your life back on track.  We have counselors and doctors on staff to help you with your transition back into society. If you or any of your loved ones has a problem with heroin, pain pills or any other opiates, don't let them or you suffer any longer.  We are on call 24 hours a day to help. 


Pre-screening eligibility requirements:

--You are 18 years of age or older.

--Opiates are your primary drug.

You have been addicted or dependent on opiates for 1 year or longer (minimum 1 year) and you can prove this by one of the following methods:

1.  Previous treatment with us

2.  Letter from a physician or previous treatment center

3.  Observable physical dependence; i.e. classic withdrawal symptoms, track marks, etc.

Even if you do not meet these requirements you may still qualify if you are:

1. Currently pregnant

2.  Recently discharged from a chronic care facility; or

3.  Released from prison within the past 6 months.

If you meet ANY of the prescreen eligibility requirements and wish to apply for a treatment assessment intake appointment, please call us at 713-473-1405.  Feel free to leave your name, phone number and the most convenient time for us to call you.

Medically Supervised Methadone Maintenance

Our individualized program consists of medically-supervised detoxification that safely and effectively cleanses a client�s system of narcotics, opiates and other addictive substances, while significantly reducing the discomfort of withdrawal. Licensed by the State of Texas to provide necessary levels of methadone maintenance, Pasadena Substance Abuse Clinic can accommodate the most complex and difficult cases, including pregnancy, addiction to OxyContin, Vicodin, Lortab and other habit-forming prescription medication. Under the supervision of our medical staff, our program offers individualized detoxification protocols which utilizing standard methadone treatment for opiate detoxifications. We are Pasadena's only licensed facility equipped for medically managed Methadone maintenance.

The medical detoxification unit is staffed by MDs, psychiatrists, counselors, registered and licensed nurses and medical technicians.  Pasadena Substance Abuse Clinic is specially licensed for methadone maintenance and stabilization.  Please give us a call so that we can begin your recovery today and your road to success.   Pasadena Substance Abuse Clinic is inexpensive and is outpatient wherein you come once a day between 5 and 8 a.m (less often when qualified)  and on Saturday you pick up your dose for the Sunday.   We are closed Sunday and honor most holidays with take-homes. 

***Preventing tuberculosis: A successful approach for methadone clinics:

Tuberculosis prevention in methadone maintenance clinics: effectiveness and cost-effectiveness.  The combination of tuberculosis screening and directly observed preventive therapy is a cost-effective method of preventing tuberculosis in patients attending methadone maintenance clinics. This conclusion was reported by Snyder and associates, who implemented an HIV-related tuberculosis prevention project.

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